tailored solutions
Blnnd has tailored solutions for large and small customers to build their online presence and increase their bottom lines.

Local SEO

In the digital age, some of your strongest competition is your local competition, so you need a strong SEO strategy to compete. We'll target your local area to help you draw the locals in.


Multi Location SEO

If you have a business or businesses in multiple locations, we'll create a mix of virtual messaging and local visibility to build your reputation and customer base.



Take your e-commerce store to the top of the SERPs with a unique blend of advertising across social media platforms and keyword enhancement.


Reputation SEO

It's essential that you safeguard your reputation across all channels, and we'll help you become an authority figure in your niche.


Lifestyle SEO

You want to get the word out about your lifestyle brand to build a loyal customer base, and lifestyle SEO can help you get both local and regional customers.

More SEO Plans

  • Tooth.svg
    dental SEO Draw more local customers and make the best out of your dental practice by utilizing a solid SEO strategy.
  • Money.svg
    Financial Services SEO

    Gain a host of repeat customers both locally and regionally using an SEO strategy from Blnnd.

  • Vegetarian Mark.svg
    Cannabis and CBD SEO

    Competition is fierce and the popularity is exploding in the cannabis and CBD industry. We'll help you blow your competition away.

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